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Benefits of Joining!
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WGA Benefits

Enjoy all the Benefits The Woburn Guild of Artists has to offer!

For a small annual dues of only $35 you can take part in one of the most fun, creative, and educational local art organizations! Take advantage of all these wonderful benefits!

Free admission to all Monthly Demonstrations!
Members are welcome to learn assorted artistic tips and tricks, and gain a formal education in the arts, by attending monthly WGA demonstrations presented by prominent professional artists, in various media. All demonstrations are free to paid members and all New Horizon residents. Non-members are asked for a donation.

Workshops with noted artists!
Day long Workshops from 9:30AM to 3:00PM, featuring noted professional artists, working in different mediums, are held locally for all to attend, including the public! WGA Members are given a discount from the main cost!

Annual WGA Open Community Art Exhibition
The Guild features an Annual Art Exhibition, which is open for community participation. It is judged by prominent professional judges. Multiple ribbons and awards, and cash prizes, are awarded in different categories. There are also "Special Sponsored" awards given by various sponsors. There are "Student" awards, and participant voted awards, like the "Peoples Choice" award,. There is the "Amateur" and "Most Improved" award given to some deserving artists who show real promise in their works.
Cash awards are given for "Best of Show" by a member, a Student member, an Amateur member, and all First Place winners, all in good standing.

Life Figure Drawing Sessions
Assorted professional models pose for WGA members to draw, paint, or photograph!
Differently timed poses are set for you to work your hand eye coordination, practice your foreshortening, or suggest a stance that you would need for your next art project.
Now you have something to do to better your craft!

Weekly Thursday Night Art Group
An informal painting group of members meets every Thursday night to practice their craft, and hone their skills, to talk about different styles, and tips on various mediums. It is open for all members and guests for instruction, tips, techniques, and ideas, It is always a relaxed, fun, and rewarding, evening. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Community Events Participation
The Woburn Guild of Artists works close with other fine community organizations, to assist and educate the public in the arts, and to have fun taking part in all the different worthwhile events the city and organizations have to offer!

Open Community Art and Photography Workshops

The Woburn Guild of Artist's mission is to promote the arts, to its members and the community. The Guild has monthly classes at specific dates and locations. These FREE Art and Photography Workshops are open to WGA members, and all novice and intermediate residents from Woburn and the surrounding communities. They are for persons who wish to do more in there craft, and/or don’t know where to begin.
The classes are free, so bring a friend!

Member Exhibits
The Guild has set up professional acquaintances in the community, including Galleries, Businesses, and more, who are constantly inviting WGA to exhibit our members artwork.
If you have a good arrangement of artwork, we will gladly put you in touch with these interested places to for you to exhibit.
If you have a small amount of work you might like to partner in with another WGA member. P
lease "Contact us". We usually will have a list of those other members.

Plein-aire Day Trips
Do you enjoy working your craft de "plein-aire". Voila! The Guild coordinates small groups of artists and photographers, car-pooling to assorted sites like, Preservations, Historic Sites, Nurseries, Farms, and scenic areas, to enjoy the day painting, or photographing, or to picnic! All are welcome!

Museum and Gallery Tours
The Guild coordinates small groups of interested individuals, by car-pooling or bus, to enjoy the day visiting various Museums, and Galleries that feature noted artists or events that may prove of interest to many of our members and community. All are welcome!

Discounts on all Workshop, Exhibit, and Tour fees
The Guild constantly tries to limit the amount of costs associated to its members. We pay special attention in establishing circumstances that will lighten costs associated with events such as Workshops, Exhibits, and Tours. Because of the numbers involved who participate being a member allows you a big discount off Workshop fees. Members are also discounted on exhibition fees. You can make back the original dues and more!

Bi-Monthly WGA On-line Newsletter
The WGA on-line Newsletter is filled with all sorts of Guild and assorted arts and organizational information! It presents the dates and times of all demonstrations and events. It highlights all our monthly professional speakers. It shows off what WGA members are up to, whether it is their gallery showings, awards they've won, or what they will be doing next. The newsletter presents quality information and/or just fun times that the members have enjoyed!

To get FREE WGA newsletters every two months Sign up here with your name and email for approval for us to send it to you, and receive it direct to your inbox.

To send us information to publish that you feel would be helpful to our viewers please visit our Guest Book.

Personal Publicity in various Publications and the WGA Website
The Guild likes to show off all its members talents! Our close association with various news publications allows us to promote our members activities. Our publicity reaches out much further than to our members. It is also found in local art stores and community locales. WGA has an extensive e-mail list that broadcasts out to thousands of businesses and individuals. It includes various other organizations, non-profits, and personal venues, informing them about WGA and its member activities.

The WGA webpage not only describes the WGA association, but showcases their members artwork! There are links to the members email or personal websites.
Also Check out the "Members Gallery" on the Members page.

We intend to get the WGA word out! Send us your website and images!

Arts Education!
By you participating in all of these benefits the Guild has to offer, your learning curve will take off and improve dramatically! Speaker's demonstrations always prove to be beneficial with acquiring all sorts of knowledge and information. Our Thursday night get-togethers, in the New Horizons, Terrace Lounge is a relaxed atmosphere allowing conversations with "Like Minded Talented Associates"!

How could you pass up such an incredible ability to learn more of what you've always loved to do? It is a no brainer!  Come on, and get on board!

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