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"Karma"  Jenn White
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Mail Dues, Agreements, Application Forms, and/or any correspondence to:

The Woburn Guild of Artists. Inc.
P.O. Box 2704, Woburn, Massachusetts  01888-1304

The Woburn Guild of Artists is a 501 (C)(3), tax exempt, non-profit organization.
Any donations made to it are tax deductible, including dues!

WGA Officers 2017/2018

 President  Elise MacDonald
 Vice President  Arthur Arena
 Secretary  TBD
 Treasurer/Mem  Rick Corbett  617-997-3422

WGA Committee and Chairs

Joseph Leto  617-605-4673
Jerry Cormier

 Publicity Brian Kimerer  781-944-2299
 Scholarship/Fund* Gerry Kehoe  781-933-7244
 Newsletter TBD  
 Membership Rick Corbett  617-997-3422
 Hospitality" Sandy Bates  978-509-5435
 Exhibits" Mary Kelly  781-938-6665
 Calendar Joseph Leto
 Webmaster Joseph Leto
   * Chairperson

Become a WGA Board member!
Are you interested in having your artistic endeavours take off?
Would you like your artistic contacts to grow exponentially?
Are you working with all of the correct talent that you think you should?
No matter what the organization, working on the Board of Directors can help you with all of these helpful topics and more! And the jobs responsibilities are not really that time consuming, or hard.

Becoming more involved puts you in touch with many other top artists and talents. Things will present themselves to you more readily and easier. You will see many more ways you can access and grow your talents. You need to get in touch with all of those right people.

WGA has some very light duty positions that you may want to help with. Help us involve you!
Talk to us and see what you may like to do! There is no pressure. We would like you to help.
Thank you

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