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"Ipswitch River"  Kathleen Bennett
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WGA Exhibition Information

A set of Entry Rules and Labels for the WGA Annual Open Community Art Exhibition, are mailed to each member. Additional copies for the community can be picked up at assorted locales around the community, and are also presented here!

The exhibit coincides with, and is part of
"Woburn's Festival on the Common"

WGA Annual Open Community Art Exhibition, November 30, 2019

All are welcome!
The Exhibition Rules, Fees, & Discounts Have Changed!
Please read all carefully!

if an entrant brings their artwork in anytime after the deadline date the fee will be, besides the entry fee cost, an additional $10 per each additional entry!
So why don't you send in your application and fee as soon as you get it, like now!

APPLICATION and FEE(s): Have to be sent to WGA prior to: Thursday, November 15.

ARTWORK Delivery Date and Times: Friday, November 29,    4:00 to 6:00PM
Location: First Congregational Church, 321 Main St., Woburn Center, rear entrance
Exhibition Times: Saturday, November 30,    3:00-7:00PM
Artwork must be picked up: Sunday, December 1,    12:30-1:30PM

The First Congregational church nor the Woburn Guild of Artists is responsible for any artworks brought in to, during, or after the exhibit.

Entries that do not follow all rules will not be accepted!  No Exceptions!

Entry Rules

Because of the monetary prizes, ribbons, and various publicity articles, it is essential, and with all good faith intentions, that every entry is on the same playing field, and no one has more of an advantage to gain awards than anyone else. The only exception concerns members vs. non-members on a couple of topics.
Read further on to see those distinctions.

All entrants must follow all rules and regulations for participation in the WGA art exhibitions.  Any entries that do not follow all rules will not be accepted! 
The Deadline date is set up so that the WGA volunteer members can put the show together, with proper placement, documents, and the many other items that an Exhibition needs to regulate the show accordingly.
On this note, if an entrant brings their artwork in anytime after the deadline date the fee will be, besides the entry fee, an additional $10 per each additional entry!

Entrants can be Guild members, non-members, Middle School, or High School students. Entries must be original artwork, not copied from another's artwork, and must not have been previously exhibited in a WGA judged Guild exhibition.

Members are allowed four (4) entries. Non-members are allowed two (2) entries.

Entry Fees
Member Adults – Each entry is $5
Non-Member Adults - Each entry is $10
Member Students - One fee of $5 for one (1) entry, or $9 for two (2).
Non-Member Students - One fee of $7 for one (1) entry, or $12 for two (2).

Category Rules

If there are less than three (3) artists (not artworks) in a category (see below), their entries will be forwarded into the next appropriate category, deemed and chosen by the exhibit committee, or will be moved into the Mixed Media category.

Entry Deliveries and Pick-ups

Artwork must be delivered and picked-up on the date and times specified.

Artwork not picked up by the time given, will be charged a $5 per day, per entry holding fee, paid in cash to the Guild. The fee shall be used toward exhibition expenses. Artwork will not be allowed to be removed early unless approved by the Chair! Exhibitors are totally responsible for their artwork. The Guild does not assume any responsibility or liability for loss, breakage, fire, theft, acts of God, etc 


The Exhibition Identification Labels identify each artwork entry. The Labels must be filled out completely, legibly, and affixed on the top back of each artwork entry.

Entry Form Deadline

All entry forms and fees must be received prior to the deadline date.

if an entrant brings their artwork in anytime after the deadline date the fee will be, besides the entry fee, an additional $10 per each additional entry!


All flat artwork that is to be judged, must be securely framed and wired,

Sawtooth clips or other unprofessional hangers will not be accepted.

Unframed Gallery Canvases will be accepted if wired properly!

Students however may have their artworks matted, or in a protective professional plastic/mylar artwork covering, and may also be framed if desired.

Mini Art

There will be a special area set up for members to display a couple of their mini-art pieces, and some card packages for sale. Packages should be labeled with the Artist’s identification. Each sale and tax is the responsibility of the artist.

_                                  _____________________________________

Exhibition Labels

This link provides you with a copy of Exhibition Labels to identify your submitted artwork.
Entry Labels must be filled out completely, legibly, and affixed onto the back of each entry.

Please bookmark the WGA site so it will be easy for you to return!


WGA Exhibition Labels Download

WGA Awards Policy

The Guild hires diversified professional judges for exhibition judging.
Below is the WGA awards policy that judges follow when giving the awards.
If the judges feel that they do not deem any notable works in a particular category, it is honored per their discretion. The four ribbons are given as First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention, if so deserved.

Ribbon Awards
Per each Category:
10 or more Artists (not artworks)….. 4 Ribbons
6-9 Artists............................................. 3 Ribbons
4-5 Artists............................................. 2 Ribbons
3 Artists................................................. 1 Ribbon

-  Members may only sponsor awards in categories they are not competing.
-  One artist, with more than one entry in a category, may only receive one ribbon
in that category.
-  Members winning an “Amateur" award twice shall be considered professional thereafter, in a Woburn Guild of Artists exhibition.
-  The Judges shall establish "Best in Show" before awarding First Place ribbons.
-  The Judges may only write a critique on all First Place winners, Student and
Amateur awards, and Best of Show.

Members Awards
1 "Best in Show", by a member
1 "Student" member Special Award
1 "Amateur" member Special Award

Voted Awards:
1 "Peoples Choice" Award, voted on by all show attendees over the age of 12.
1 "Most Improved" member Award, judged by the Board, and if applicable.

Other Special Awards may be added according to the exhibition such as a "Sponsors’ Award"
WGA Exhibition Category Descriptions

Below are the official WGA descriptions and definitions of WGA Exhibition Categories
for any works of art entered into a Woburn Guild of Artists Exhibition.
Please read and understand each one carefully.


Any artwork comprised of using a considered Oil based paint, and oil paint mediums. May have a graphite or similar sketch base. May also have an acrylic gesso base and/or other water base, i.e., Casein, Tempera, etc., only up to the underpainting.

Or, any artwork comprised of acrylic water based paint and mediums. May have a graphite or similar sketch base. May also have an acrylic gesso base and/or other water base, i.e., Watercolor, etc., only up to the underpainting.


Any artwork comprised of a water based medium, except acrylic, but including Watercolor, Casein, Tempera, Gouache, etc.


Any handcraft of materials, either sculptured (added to), or carved (taken from), to obtain a finished piece of artwork. Includes block printing, jewelry, needlework, etc.


Any photographic printed image obtained from the use of any type of camera and format, including digital cameras. The image can only be manipulated as in a photographic wet darkroom. Digital manipulation is limited only to cropping, burning and dodging, value, and minor color correction. (see Graphics below)

Graphics - Computer Generated/Manipulated 

A photographic or artistic printed image that has been manipulated or devised using computer software and hardware devices. 

Any digital manipulation is acceptable.

Dry Media 

Any artwork using a stylus or pen type of instrument, including Pencil, Pastel, Chalk, Graphite, Charcoal, Conte, Crayon, and Pen and Ink. Pastel may have a watercolor wash underpainting.

Mixed Media 

Any artwork comprised of using more than one medium. The mix of any two or more categories, with the exceptions in the categories noted above that allow a base underpainting.


Any artwork done by a school student accepted by the Board.



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