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WGA History
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WGA History

In February of 1964, local Woburn resident Gene
English sent out a call to all interested artists and craftsman in the Woburn area. They all met at the historic Woburn Public Library and formulated The Woburn Guild of Artists. The Guild's first Art Exhibit was held on the lawn of the Woburn Public Library in May of 1964.

The purpose of the Guild was to promote an interest in the arts, to bring out the talent within it's members and the community, and to be recognized as a cultural group to whom the city of Woburn can point to with pride. Membership was open throughout the year to anyone interested in the arts and related fields. Students, professionals, and Sunday painters have always been welcome.

The Guild members current interests are applied in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Drawing, Pastels, Carving, Sculpture, Graphics, Needlepoint, Handcrafts, Computer Graphics, Mixed Media, and Photography. The Guild provides monthly demonstrations, a weekly art group, workshops, life figure Drawing sessions, tours, member exhibitions, and community events. It's Annual Open Art Exhibition continues to be one of the highlights of the year, with professional judges awarding
prizes and ribbons to the various participants.

Each year the Woburn Guild of Artists presents an Annual High School Scholarship to a deserving student from the Woburn Memorial high School. This scholarship is made possible through the efforts of the Guild's friends, members, and sponsors who donate their money, artwork, or crafts for sale, raffle, or auction, in order to meet our High School student scholarship goal. The scholarship would not exist without their generosity.

Over the years the Guild has awarded this scholarship they have had the opportunity of watching recipients graduate from college and grow professionally. It has been a distinct source of pride and pleasure for the Woburn Guild of Artists as a whole, to know that in some way they were able to aid in the development of a student to the art community.


1964 WGA Charter Members

 Gene English, President  
 Flora Murray, V. President  
 Ruth DeFeo, Secretary  
 Agnes Lichoulas, Treasurer  
 Frank Becker  Leanne Loranger
 Joe Benenate  A. Helen Lynch
 Priscilla Bevins  Margaret Lynch
 Mary Brogna  Eleanor Martin
 Gwen Burgess  Joan Matoylack
 Frances P. Cavanaugh  Blanch McCloskey
 Marguerite Cifra  Richard Nardone
 Irene Clapp  Lois Olson
 Mildred Corduck  Signe Olson
 Doris Gogan  Virginia F. Peasley
 Grace Graham  Anne Rameior
 Mrs. James Henchey  Dr. Donald Richardson
 Mary Hennessey  Jimmy Rodolfos
 Alton V. Hodfes  Frank Ross
 Mary Inashima  Dr. John Seminator
 Agnes Lafayette  Eleanor Weiss
 Mary M. Leen  Zella Wellton
 Lois Lindenbaum  


WGA Presidents

 2019-  William Dexter    
 2917-2018  Elise MacDonald    
 2014-2016  Joseph Leto Jr.
 2013-2014  Diana Sirone    
 2009- 2013
 Joseph Leto Jr.
 1983-1985  Joseph Benenate
 2007-2009  Patricia Burtnett  1981-1983  O. James Inashima
 2006-2007  Patricia Cail
 1979-1981  Marie Pappas
 2004-2006  Joseph Leto Jr.  1977-1979  Mary Inashima
 2002-2004  Susan DeTeso  1976-1977  William Mitchel
 1999-2000  Mary Kelly/Laura Morrow
 1972-1974  Eleanor Weiss
 1997-1999  Kathy Devine/PaulineWidtfeldt  1971-1972  William Mitchel
 1995-1997  Barbara Poore  1970-1971  Skip Keltgen
 1993-1995  Frank Newark  1969-1970  Reverand Robert Holmes
 1991-1993  Esther Corleto  1968-1969  Wilber Bemis
 1990-1991  David Middleton Jr.  1967-1968  James Rodolfos
 1989-1990  Esther Corleto  1966-1967  Dorothy Grignon
 1987-1989  Gloria Hildebrandt  1965-1966  Flora Murray
 1985-1987  David Middleton Jr.  1964-1965  Gene English


WGA Woburn High School Scholarship Recipients!

 1966-1967  James K. Foley
 1967-1968  Kathleen Folan
 1968-1969  Elinor O'Leary
 1969-1970  Alison Smith
 1970-1971  Donna Loncich
 1971-1972  Gina Catanzano/Lynn Lord
 1972-1973  Sandra Noring
 1973-1974  Elaine Paradiso
 1974-1975  Mary E. McKenna
 1975-1976  Richard Thimble
 Maureen Reddy/James Catania
 1977-1978  Kenneth Tighe
 1978-1979  Allison Queenin
 Susan Bruno/Linda C. Lanzo
 1980-1981  James Costello
 1982-1983  L. Chamberland/P. Massaro/J. T. Richardson/M. Simonds
 1983-1984  Sharon Mason
 1984-1985  Candido Soares
 1985-1986  Steven Mousterakis
 1986-1987  Karen M. Cole
 1987-1988  Catherine Marshall
 1988-1989  Glenn Mistretta
 1989-1990  James Evangelista 1
 1990-1991  Lori A. Silva 2
 1991-1992  David Bernstein 2
 1992-1993  Michelle A. Fowle 2
 1993-1994  Steven Krenakis 2
 1994-1995  Shawna M. Ryan
 1995-1996  Julia B. Moscoso
 1996-1997   -
 1997-1998  Jonathan Forstey
 1998-1999  Paul Taverna
 1999-2000  Kevin Mulkern
 2000-2001  Michael Killoran
 2001-2002  Brian Bond
 2002-2003  Vanessa Finethy 3
 2003-2004  Rachelle Dawson/Jessica McGonigle
 2004-2005  Katie Gangi
 2005-2006  Jennifer Buttaro
 2006-2007  Britney Carbone
 2007-2008  Allyson Fairweather
 2008-2009   No Applicants
 2009-2010  Elyssa Roketenetz
 2010-2011  Kelsey Tremlett 4
 2011-2012  Jessika Boyd 5
 2012-2013  Sadie Harmon
 2019-2020  Sabrina Patrizio

1 - Clara DeStefano Memorium     2 - Robert Hildebrandt Memorium      3 - Esther Corleto Memorium
4 - Elearnor Weiss Memorium       5 - Josephine Gorassi Wallace           6 - Mary Inashima Memorium
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