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"Salt and Tomatoes": Keiko Richter
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`The Woburn Guild of Artists, Members

Members who would like to have their personal Website or E-Mail information listed below, or taken out, please contact contact the webmaster
Also contact the webmaster if you have images to put in the "Members Art Gallery".

 Name  Website/E-Mail
 Marcia Andrews  KAPAndrewsPhotos.com
 Sandy Bates  
 Natalia Bazhenova
 Kathleen Grace Bennett
 Carol Bergeron  
 Valerie Borgal  http://valeriejeannesart.com
 Irina Boston
 Kathleen Boyd
 Joseph Brown Jr.  www.joebrownphotos.com
 Alana Buckley
 Grant Burtnett  
 Patricia Burtnett  
 Ruth E. Camber  
 Jean Carlton-Dellucci  
 Jean A. Chang  www.JeanAChang.com
 Florence J. Como  
 Jeanette A. Corbett  jeannette_corbett@yahoo.com
 Marlene Corbett  
 Richard Corbett  http://www.rickcorbettart.com
 Jerry E. Cormier  geccac@verizon.net
 Lorraine DeGroot-Stevens  
 David DeMambro
 Louis Doto  
 Roberta Doyle  
 Ellen M. Hamilton  ellaprints@comcast.net
 MaryAnn Haraldsen
 Diane Harmon
 Rosemary Immig  
 James Inashima (H)
 Mary Inashima (H)  
 Geraldine Kehoe  www.Innitou-Photo.com
 Sarah Kehoe  
 Mary Kelly  dorea1@yahoo.com
 Brian S. Kimerer  www.theKimerers.com/Brian/index.php
 Evelyn M. Knox  
 Trisha Kurdzionak  http://www.melrosearts.com/kurdzionak
 Leo Lambert (H)  Stoutlamb@comcast.net
 Gina Marie Leto  
 Joseph Leto Jr.  jletojr@comcast.net
 Christine Loomis  
 Elise MacDonald
 Lesley Maiocco
 Dorothy Marshall  
 Charles J. McCarthy  
 Mary B, McCarthy  
 Joan McDonald  
 Linda D. Molloy  
 Adrienne  Muller-Goldstein
 Marie Murphy
 Frank Newark (H)
 Mary Fantasia Nuovo  
 Lorraine A. O'Brien  
 Frances Pappas
 Marie Pappas (H)  http://www.mariepappas.com
 Mary E. Rafuse  
 Russell Ritchie
 Keiko Richter
 Rosa Elena Rivera
 Olivia Robertson
 James Rondolfos (H)  
 Carolyn Rowe  
 Joan L. Ross  
 Frank Santos
 Gerard Scalley  www.JScalleyStudio.com
 Diana Sironi  www.DianaSironi.com
 Edward G. Smethurst  
 Nancy L. Smethurst  
 Janet Solano  
 Leda Sullivan  
 Nikki Thain
 Ruth M. Tekirian  
 Albert Vachon (H)  
 Jenn White
 Maura White
 Glen Wiegand  http://happydogsceramics.com/
 Millie Wiegand  http://happydogsceramics.com/
 Darlene Wigton  
 Dorothy Jane Wolossow (H)



WGA Members Art Gallery - Artwork for Sale!
Please note the "Member's Art Gallery" link below, that presents WGA member's artwork.

Many of these pieces are also for sale. Note the artists information and inquire via their link above or our "Guestbook" on the "Contact Us" page.

Once you click on the "Members Art Gallery" link below, in the site select "Filmstrip" to see each Artist's artwork information.
Or click into "Full Screen Slideshow" with headphones on, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Also look at the member's URL links above, presenting their personal websites.

Member's Art Gallery


Application to Join WGA!


WGA Sponsors

Sponsor Members
Dave Crowley Social Capital Inc.
Joanne Collins Woburn Veterans Senior Center
Judy Tanner Woburn's Council on Aging
Adam Zapris
Citizens Bank
Christine Coakley New Horizons at Choate
James Haggerty Jr. Woburn Times Chronical 
Paul Medieros Woburn Spence Farm
Lt. Robert Rufo Woburn Superior Officers Union
Rodney Flynn
Daily News Notice
Cheryl Heimlich Heimlich's Nurseries
Fel Medieros Woburnite.com
Susan Thifault Woburn Memorial High School
Michelle Ferullo/Kathy Lucero
Woburn Historical Society

Thanks to all our Friends and Associates!

We would like to thank all of our close friends who continuously assist and help
the Woburn Guild of Artists over the years
. Without their help the Guild could not be as constructive and instrumental to the community as needed.
It is with our deep appreciation that they are recognized.

Thank You to all of them!

We would also like to thank all of our close associates who share the same thoughts and actions that all of our communities enjoy!

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